Connect Yoobi to Jira

Yoobi realized a connection with the software from Atlassian, called Jira. This program is especially designed for developing software. With Jira Software teams can plan, track and release new software.

What are the possibilities of Jira?
With Jira, you can distribute tasks across your software team. Prioritize tasks and make sure the team deals with them on time. The progress and performance of the team is monitored with real-time dashboards.

Task management
The developers of Yoobi use Jira Software to release new updates, and to track issues. With Jira all incoming support calls are managed in one place. The Yoobi Support Team uses a workflow to ensure that all issues are assigned to an employee and are fixed in time.

The connection between Yoobi and Jira consists of three parts:

  • Automatic update of projects. If a support call is updated in Jira, Yoobi will automatically retrieve the updated information and create a project in Yoobi.
  • For certain projects in Jira, Yoobi will automatically update project information.
  • Input Help. Track time with the Yoobi timesheet, on support calls from Jira.

How does this (technically) work?
The connection uses Jira Webhooks in order to retrieve -and process- the data in Yoobi. This data is added to the timesheet as a specification, with the corresponding support number from Jira.

The benefits of the connection
Jira ensures that all support calls are handled by the right employee and will be completed on time. You can analyze the workload, manage team resources and the track progress.

By connecting Jira and Yoobi you can track the time you spend on support calls. Use data from Jira to create projects and activities in Yoobi and automatically synchronize data.

More information
If you want to know more about the possibilities of Jira, please visit the Atlassian website. For more (technical) information about the connection, contact us at