The 7 ingredients of mobile CRM

According to Intermediair, Yoobi is one of the top 5 apps to use for time tracking. With our app, you will synchronize the desktop version of Yoobi on your smartphone. This enables you to take  important information with you, when you are on the road. Not only does our app tell you everything about time tracking, it will also show details about projects, documents, contacts and deals. For a CRM user the app is the  center of sales. 

Customer Relations
Search and find contacts. Use the address, (a part of) the customer's name to look up a contact. Mark contacts as a favorite, to quickly return tot he contact later on. In our app all details are available and can be edited. There is a remark section in the header of the contact, so any important notes will be immediately visible.

Access to your contacts
Use the main menu to access relations (prospects and customers) and your contacts. All contacts in Yoobi can be synchronized with your phone contact list. Manually, or automatically. You decide if you want your personal contacts and your business contacts merged into one list. Rather Not? Mark contacts as a favorite so they pop-up first on your list. 

Clear communication
Start a conversation through the app. An email or phone call. These functions are accessible for all your contacts in Yoobi. Tab the right icon to start connecting.

Fast track your sales
Let your smartphone use the address of your contact, to navigate to your appointment. The navigation-system shows you the best route and helps you to get there in time. Once you reached your destination, select ‘back to Yoobi’, to return to the contact details.

Always on
Salesmen have to process a lot of information inbetween meetings. They manage the sales pipeline, place orders, close deals and create quotes while they are on the road. But they also need to prepare for a meeting. How many projects do we have together, are there currently any issues? Do we have outstanding invoices with this client? Catch up on the developments, and make sure you are well informed before entering the meeting. Via the app. No need to grab your laptop, just use your smartphone or tablet.

Pinpoint your goals
Yoobi offers several features to manage opportunities and to build a reliable sales pipeline. Focus  on the important things and let Yoobi help you to manage your tasks. Schedule activities, use a task list and check if you have any tasks that are overdue. Yoobi keeps you updated on viable leads and prospects.

Building relationships
CRM is about organizing contacts and building relations. Yoobi helps to manage your business better. Get to know your customers and reach out tot hem with the right message, to create better results.

With Yoobi you have a complete online solution for managing contacts, sales, time tracking, project management, cost reporting and invoicing. Our software helps you to respond on time and will automate tasks to simplify your work.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities? Start with our free demo, download the app or contact our sales department. 


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