What you can learn from your timesheet

How does it work?

With Yoobi time tracking, employees can write time on projects. Billable and non-billable hours are collected in the timesheet and can be itemized in different tasks and activities. By adding remarks or specifications to the timesheet you have all the data  to create invoices.

Our timesheet shows a monthly or daily overview. You decide which style suits you best. Use the calender-style to enter hours on multiple weeks, or the daily time sheet to add time on different projects in one day. Select the customer, the project or activity and add the amount of hours you worked. This way of entering data is straightforward and you can add many hours in a simple way.

Once all the hours are written and the employee has completed the timesheet, it’s time to close the timesheet. From that moment on, no more changes can be made for that particular period. The timesheet can be closed per week or per month. All hours for that period will be automatically offered to the leader of the project or the responsible client. When he or she approves the period, Yoobi will automatically create an invoice.


The process from time writing to invoicing consists several components and multiple contributors, both inside and outside your organization. It’s important to track this entire process, and manage all different aspects, so you can maintain a financially healthy business.  

To do so, urge your employees to put their timesheets in (on time). Know which periods are rejected or are still pending. Stay informed, what’s delaying the process? This information is key, in order to come up with a solution or improvement. 

Keep reading and we’ll tell you what you can learn from your timesheet.


Blue. Periods marked in blue can be edited by the employee and time can be entered on those days. 

Gray.  Gray periods are closed. It’s not possible to write time on a gray period, nor edit the data. To do so, the employee must re-open the period.

There are several reasons for a grayed-out period. For instance, the end-date of the project is in the past, you reached the budget for the project or activity.

Yellow. Periods marked in yellow are waiting for approval.

Green. All approved days are marked in green and cannot be edited anymore. 

Red. If a manager, client or customer rejects the timesheet, it turns red. The employee is responsible for fixing this, by re-opening that particular period, correct the entry and send a new request for approval. The responsible manager receives a new timesheet and can look at it again.  

Does your timesheet contain crosses?

If so, there are three different reasons:

  • The employee has no access rights to enter time on that project or activity
  • The activity is closed because the end date is in the pass or someone changed the status (and therefore no activities show) 

Bullet points

On the right side of each week and month you see three bullet points. This contains a drop down menu where you find the options for opening, closing and approving that period.  

An empty timesheet?

In that case the employee did not save the timesheet. You can prevent this by using the setting ‘save automatically’ (>>system preferences>>settings>>register)

The follow-up

Create invoices from your logged time. All authorized timesheets are ready for billing and you can turn your timesheet into an invoice in just a few clicks. Easily add attachments, customize the layout and adjust the data if needed. Share the invoice with your client by email or post.

All invoices will have an attachment enclosed with the name and the role of the approver and the date of approval. With Yoobi the flow of approvals is:

  • Easy. Our online software is multi platform and easy to use.
  • Clear. Track your project’s progress.
  • Simple. View and approve time and expenses.
  • Fast. Fast invoicing and payments.

The interface of Yoobi is simple and will improve a quick time entry. With the timesheet you can track your hours and manage your activities.

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