Yoobi helps you to keep in touch with your contacts, on a regular basis. Edit and manage the(ir) data, from anywhere.Collaborate with Yoobi, so your sales team will always know when to do what.

Sales and opportunities​
Manage customer relationships from suspect to customer. Keep track of conversations, documents, activities, opportunities and sales.Schedule tasks and organize activities, to manage projects in the most efficient way. Share the workload by assigning tasks, setting reminders and add important notes. Attach files so you can access everything in one place. Edit and manage data, from anywhere, from any device. 

Pinpoint your goals
Yoobi offers several features to manage opportunities and to build a reliable sales pipeline. Focus  on the important things and let Yoobi help you to manage your tasks. Schedule activities, use a task list and check if you have any tasks that are overdue. Yoobi keeps you updated on viable leads and prospects.