Privacy statement

Yoobi processes personal data. We are happy to inform you about this clearly and transparently. In this privacy statement we answer the most important questions about the processing of personal data by Yoobi

We use certain words in this privacy statement. Below you can read what we mean these words:

  • Personal data: data that directly or indirectly say something about you. For example your name and address.
  • Processing: everything that can be done with personal data. For example, collecting, but also storing, using and deleting your data from our cloud service Yoobi.

From whom does Yoobi process personal data?

We process personal data of people with whom we have, want or have had a direct or indirect relationship. These are, for example, personal data of:

  1. customers and their representatives;
  2. people who show an interest in our products and services, or
  3. people who are affiliated with a company or organization with which we have, want or have had a relationship.

Please note: if your company or organization passes on personal data of employees to us, you are obliged to inform your employees about this. you can give them this privacy statement. your employees can then see how we handle their personal data.

Who is responsible for the processing of my personal data?

Yoobi processes personal data.

Do, do or are you going to do business with Yoobi? Then Yoobi is responsible for the processing of your personal data that takes place in that context.

What does Yoobi process personal data for?

We process personal data for the following purposes:

  1. To be able to enter into a relationship with you
    If you want to become a customer with us or if you want to purchase a new product or a new service, we need personal data, for example: invoicing, administration or for the design of Yoobi.
  2. To maintain the relationship with you and to carry out assignments. If you are a customer with us, we want to serve you well. We process personal data for this.
  3. For the development and improvement of our products and services. In order to continue to serve you well, we are constantly working on developing and improving our products and services. In some cases we process personal data for this. For example if you ask a question about a product.
  4. To be able to log in to our cloud service Yoobi
  5. For promotional and marketing purposes

We can process your personal data for promotional or marketing purposes of Yoobi. For example, to be able to show you targeted advertisements, to inform you about a new module or an update of existing functionality, which may be of interest to you. Or to better respond to your wishes.

Do you not want to be approached for commercial purposes? Then you can indicate this to Yoobi. you can email this to or call +31 (0) 181 - 69 76 70.

Does Yoobi also process special personal data?

Special personal data is sensitive data. For example about health, criminal history or country of birth. With our leave module illness hours can be tracked.

Does Yoobi use cookies?

Yoobi uses cookies when offering its services. Cookies are small, simple text files that can be placed on your computer, tablet or mobile phone when you visit a website. In the Cookie Statement of Yoobi, which you can find on our website, you can read everything about the use of cookies by Yoobi.

Special access Yoobi App and Yoobi CRM

Access to your mailbox is required to use the Yoobi CRM Add-On for Microsoft Outlook or Google Gmail. Yoobi reads, on your behalf, using your own credentials through secure protocols, emails, and contact email addresses to add to your request at Yoobi CRM. The Yoobi App is installed on your mobile device, iOS or Android, and has access to your contact list for the synchronization of Yoobi CRM contacts. Access to this cloud software is required to use Dropbox, Onedrive and Google drive with Yoobi. Secure protocols are used here and files are placed on your request in Yoobi CRM on your behalf, using your login details.

“Yoobi's use of information received from Google APIs will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.” 

How does Yoobi handle my personal data?

Your personal data is stored carefully and no longer than is necessary for the purpose for which it was processed. Within Yoobi, your personal data can only be used by employees who must have access to it in view of their position. Our employees have a duty of confidentiality.

Do we want to use data for a different purpose than for which it was originally processed? Then we can only do that with your approval.

Sometimes we engage third parties who process personal data on our behalf. For example, a printing company that provides customer mailings for us and prints name and address details on envelopes. We can only engage third parties if this fits the purpose for which we have processed your personal data. For example for promotional and marketing purposes. In addition, this third party can only receive our order if he has demonstrably taken appropriate security measures and guarantees secrecy.

Your personal data may be the subject of an investigation both during and after processing by competent national authorities of the countries where such data is located due to the processing process.

Your personal data is not sold or rented.

What rules apply to Yoobi when processing personal data?

When processing personal data in the Netherlands, Yoobi is bound by:

  • The Personal Data Protection Act

Can I see which personal data Yoobi processes from me?

Yes, you can request an overview of the personal data processed about you at Yoobi by sending an email to

Do you think that your personal data has been processed incorrectly or incompletely or do you not think it necessary to have it processed? Then you can submit a request for change, addition or deletion to Yoobi by sending an email to

Can Yoobi change this privacy statement?

Yes, our privacy statement may change from time to time. If there are new data processing, we will adjust the privacy statement accordingly. And if these changes are also important to you, we will notify you accordingly. For example via email. Or by making the changes known to you in a striking manner.

Where can I go with a question or complaint?

For questions or complaints about the processing of personal data by Yoobi, please contact one of our employees. On telephone number 0181 - 69 76 70 or by sending an e-mail to