Manage your calendars

Synchronize your Yoobi calendar automatically with Microsoft Outlook. In Yoobi all tasks and approved leave requests are registered in an internet calendar (iCalendar). By synchronizing this internet agenda with your personal agenda you will combine all data in one agenda.

Almost every smartphone can subscribe to an internet agenda. But also desktop calendars (such as Outlook) and Cloud agendas (such as Google Calendar) have this possibility. We will tell you how to merge your calendars. But, this only works for users of  the leave management module. 

Internet Calendar

Yoobi has three types of internet calendars available; for leave, planning and CRM tasks. If you work with the corresponding module, you can synchronize the calendar on other devices and platforms.

Go to System Preferences > Settings> planning and set the option "use iCalendar planning”  to ON.
Click on the link which is displayed to connect  the agenda to your  desktop software (Outlook ). Click Yes to confirm and the Yoobi agenda will be added to the calendar on your desktop.

You can also set this up via  your timesheet. Select iCal calendars in your timesheet to merge the planning with your calendar.


To copy your planned days off from Yoobi to your personal agenda, go to System Preferences > Settings > leave and turn the option use iCalendar leave to ON.


CRM tasks
You can find the link to your CRM tasks in your personal settings. First you specify which type of tasks you want to show in your calendar. Click on your name (at the top right of your screen) > Preferences > iCalendar CRM tasks. Select one or more type of tasks to display your calendar and choose Save System Preferences.


Go to My Profile for an overview of the settings for Internet Calendars.


To add the Yoobi Internet calendar to the calendar on your smartphone, you copy the link from Yoobi and offer the link in the calendar section on your smartphone. Go to the settings of your smartphone, open the calendar section and choose new account - select different type - add a new agenda - and copy the link there.

You have now made the data available in the calendar of your smartphone, and from now on, your approved leave requests will be displayed in the calendar of your smart phone. 

If you want to add CRM tasks to your calendar too, just follow the same steps. You can find the link to your personal CRM calender on the CRM dashboard in Yoobi. 

Outlook add-in

With our Outlook connection you can save emails, attachments, and e-mail addresses directly from your mailbox to the CRM in Yoobi. By using this connection you don’t need to open Yoobi to save files.

The Outlook add-in checks if the sender of the email is a contact in CRM. If there is a match, you can add the email (as a task) in the CRM. Attachments from the e-mail can also be added to Yoobi as a separate file. 

To check the result of your action, open the CRM and go to the tasks and activities of the relationship. You will see a new task, which is created by the Outlook add-in. 

Want to know more? 
Do you have a question about this application or would you like to see how it works? Please contact us. You can reach our sales department on weekdays between 9:00 and 17:30. By phone (at: +31 (0) 181 69 76 70) or via <>.