Update of the latest Yoobi

We updated the latest version of Yoobi on the following components:

We have added new functionalities:

  • Saving filters from lists (with dynamic selection) and reports
  • Saving selections (static selection)
  • Showing the saved filters and reports as an insight block on the various dashboards, so that you have quick access to specific insight questions
  • Sharing your favorite saved filters and reports with other (specific) users

We have made the following improvements:

  • Increase in contrast
  • Collection of selections via the api has been greatly improved
  • Solution for positions of titles in certain screens
  • The "action" button on the detail pages is made blue, so that it stands out more
  • Added extra check on invoice for e-mail address and billing address.

We have corrected a number of errors:

  • When clicking on an e-mail address, ensure that Gmail does not open in an iframe
  • Certain objects had no totals in lists
  • Proforma background was not shown if invoice template has no background
  • Extended rights check with module offers
  • Checking rights for project managers and approving invoices in combination with the general right to invoices
  • Various styling issues solved