Yoobi hotfix 1.18.10 has been released

We have added the following functionalities:

  • The import has been extended with a 'project duplicate' function
  • Government identification number (OIN) added to relationship data. A government identification number (OIN) may be required for invoicing to government institutions. The number must then be present in an online invoice  

We have made the following improvements:

  • The check on active VAT-percentages has been improved. With new records, only active VAT-percentages can be selected
  • Existing orders and rules are always linked to VAT-percentages even if they are not active
  • Bulk mutation projects: adding standard activities is handled via the task server
  • Bulk holidays: adding holidays is handled via the task server

We have fixed the following errors:

  • When exporting data to MS Excel (xls) the characters & and 'are now correctly displayed