Yoobi hotfix 1.18.15 has been released

We have made the following improvements:

  • When duplicating a project Yoobi now also checks the rights from the source project. This makes it easier for project managers to duplicate their own projects
  • If you conclude a contract after entering the retirement date, Yoobi will withdraw all future leave requests / leave mutations and Yoobi will update the contract hours
  • API: When retrieving the projects it is now possible to get the note back at the GET op / projects

We have fixed the following errors:

  • Adding cost center to a project via the API was not possible
  • The notification for approving invoice in the order item did not look at the correct level
  • eAccounting: When transferring invoices in Yoobi, they are good marks as added to eAccounting
  • Checking the length of the remark field when the leave request was missing, this made it seem like the request for leave had been submitted and the manager also received email, but the leave request did not appear to be created at the end.