Yoobi hotfix 1.18.20 has been released

Hotfix version 1.18.20

We have resolved the following error messages:

  • When checking activities for which hours may be booked in the weekly timesheet, the first day of the week is no longer considered, but the date of the day itself
  • When adding projects to the planning employee, Yoobi checked whether you were a project manager / department manager, so you could not be scheduled on projects where you were not a manager
  • At the invoice moments in the project overview, when calculating the total amount of the fixed price lines, rules were also included that were not billable
  • VAT percentage was not properly stored with control invoices with project detail level, as a result of which these sometimes could not be transferred to the financial links
  • If the end date of a contract is entered and this is the last contract, Yoobi will remove the leave entitlement after the year of the end date

New version of Yoobi

We have made the following improvements:

  • The "list switch" button has been moved to within the list
  • The folding out of detail pages has been moved to within the detail page
  • A setting has been added with which you can indicate how you want to open standard lists: List / detail, table view or the most recently opened version. You can indicate the standard for each organization, via Administration >>> Settings >>> View >>> "How are lists opened by default". This setting can also be arranged per user, you do this via Profile >>> Settings
  • Main menu is foldable
  • You can now choose how many days you want to display in the Calendar on the dashboard

We have fixed an error message:

  • Employees with only the "CRM (tasks, activities)" right did not see any relationship categories