Yoobi hotfix 1.18.21 has been released

Yoobi hotfix 1.18.21

We have added the following functionality:

  • Ticket connection (Jira, otrs, kpms, cordeo) now also with the week sheet

We have implemented an improvement in the Twinfield coupling:

  • It is now possible that the periods of one financial year start or end in another year

We have fixed an error message:

  • Adding a pause via the daily sheet schedule now only shows permitted specification fields

Updated version of Yoobi

We have added new functionality:

  • Totals column at the bottom of the broad list
  • Support button on the right side of the screen and is always on screen

We have resolved the following error messages:

  • Number of screen flows solved
  • Scrolling in the list sometimes suddenly gave an empty (completely white) list