Yoobi hotfix 1.18.5 has been released


New functionalities that we have added:

  • Restrict reopen timesheets
    A new institution at organization and department level has been added: Re-allow the timesheet from date (dd-mm-yyyy). Completed or approved timesheets for that entered date may then no longer be reopened. This prevents timesheets from being reopened before this date. With this functionality it is also possible to implement year-end.
  • Invoicing invoices as ineligible.
    If an invoice is unencumbered but can not yet be credited, the invoice can be placed on the collectable in the payment screen. You can already add comments to invoices. Ineligible invoices are no longer shown in the list of outstanding invoices. A non-collectable invoice can later always be credited or paid.  

The following improvements have been made:

  • In the employee selection screens (so-called popups) the contract information is now also available as a column
  • The leave balance in the App now has fewer years and has therefore become faster
  • Import project budget: determine the exceeding setting on the basis of the setting >> "Override default with budgets"

If you have any questions about the content of this release, please contact our service desk. Yoobi support team