We make expense tracking easy. Use the Yoobi online version or app. Snap a shot of the receipt and submit the expenses for review. Categorize transactions by expense type.

Web version
Expense tracking is available for all our users. If you don’t have this option, contact your local administrator. He or she can give you access. 

Log in to Yoobi and select 'my expenses' in the menu. To claim expenses select ‘add new’. In the second window you can add the details of the expenses you made. Add the coupon, fill in the amount of the refund, select the date and add a comment (if necessary).

Expenses overview
Expense declaration

Once the expense form is completed, choose ‘submit expenses’.  Yoobi will show you the name of the manager who has to approve your request. From that moment it’s no longer possible to edit the data. 

The manager receives an email which indicates who has declared expenses. To approve or reject the expenses, the manager must log in to Yoobi or the Yoobi app. 

Log into the app and select ‘expense’ from the menu, go to ‘my expenses’ for an overview of your expenses. Select the + to submit new expenses.

A new window opens, where you add the details of your expense. Make a picture or select a picture from your camera album, to add it to the declaration.


When everything is completed, select the check mark (at the top right) and the application will be sent to the manager(s). You will return to the ‘my expenses’ overview and the new application is included in the list.

For more information about this option, please contact our sales department. They are pleased to help. They can be reached by email, via sales@yoobi.nl or by phone +31 (0) 181 69 76 70.

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