Mobile app

According to Intermediair, Yoobi is one of the top 5 apps to use for time tracking. With our app, you will synchronize the desktop version of Yoobi on your smartphone. This enables you to take  important information with you, when you are on the road. Not only does our app tell you everything about time tracking, it will also show details about projects, documents, contacts and deals. 

  • Our Mobile App helps you to check on opportunities, updates on your leads and the financial results of your deals
  • Schedule tasks and collaborate with your team. Tap into activities and receive notifications about important deliverables


Manage your leave schedule with our app. You can create a request for leave, add comments and the request will be automatically handled by the appropriate manager. He can approve or decline the request from the palm of their hand.


Access to the financial results of your deals. Open invoices en check the status of the payment. 


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