Timesheet approval

The process from time writing to invoicing consists several components and multiple contributors, both inside and outside your organization. It’s important to track this entire process, and manage all different aspects.   

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Close it
Once all the hours are written and the employee has completed the timesheet, it’s time to close the timesheet. From that moment on, no more changes can be made (for that particular period). The timesheet can be closed per week or per month. 

All hours for that period will be automatically offered to the leader of the project or the responsible client. You can set up email notifications for approvals and fully customize those notifications so that the messages are personalized. 

With Yoobi you can easily structure the flow of the approval process by role and designation. 

The timesheet can be authorized (or rejected) in our app or the Yoobi web version. Once the timesheet is authorized, Yoobi will automatically create an invoice. 

Timesheet approval